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WELCOME TO WEIRDSVILLE RADIO: Halloween Weirdness All Year Long!
NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio is gone, but Welcome to Weirdsville Radio rises to take its place!

Presenting a freewheeling mix of Halloween strangeness from the silly to the ominously spooky, our bandwidth friendly station features a unique mix of rare, obscure, impossible to find Halloween ephemera, along with more popular Halloween mix, for the most interesting Halloween internet radio station online.
From early spooky jazz and blues numbers recorded during the pioneering days of early recording history, to the rockabilly monster novelties from the mid 50s-60s, and ultra rare "cut-in" records churned out by the dozens in the wake of Dickie Goodman's "Flying Saucer," to the atmospheric soundscapes of Midnight Syndicate, as well as horror movie soundtracks, cheesey horror film trailers and horror sound bites galore, you won't find anything else like this station anywhere.
Tune in and enjoy the soundtrack of Halloween every day!

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My story "At the Shoeshop of Madness" is included in this anthology of Bizarro retellings of classic fairy tales, from Omnium Gatherum Media

My New Bizarro Author Series novella "Rock N Roll Head Case" from Eraserhead Press.

My story "Mr. Lloyd at the Harborside Zombie Treatment Center" is included in this anthology of Bizarro zombie stories.

"Under the Shanghai Tunnels," my Lovecraftian novella. From Dunhams Manor Press, an imprint of Dynatox Ministries. NOTE: Out of Print.

My story "Let Them Into Your Heart" is included in the horror anthology Detritus, from Omnium Gatherum Media

My Bizarro short story "Spam Penguins" is in Surreal Grotesque online zine's Bizarro issue.

My Bizarro tale "A Typical Day in the Land Beyond" is included in this charity anthology.

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I have a story in this collection of 200 drabbles. Drabbles are stories that are exactly 100 words long.

Give of Yourself, a Bizarro Christmas Story!
My story "How I Found My Spirit at an Allman Brothers Concert and Had My Life Saved By a Husky" is featured in the print zine Paper Radio. November 2011

Space Boredom
Published November 9, 2011 at Farther Stars online zine.
A flash fiction science fiction story.

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About my writing:
When I was a teenager I knew I wanted to be a writer. I won a writing contest in the local newspaper when I was 13 and becoming a writer was my dream. My taste in reading was already trending toward the weird. Comic books, H.P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut, Poe, Algernon Blackwood, Brad Steiger - they all set my imagination soaring. I had a hand me down Underwood typewriter, and I diligently pounded out my fantasies. I managed a few publications, mainly in the type of books that encouraged the contributors to buy multiple copies for their family and friends.

I was also deeply into theatre, so for a long time all my writing was for the stage. I studied briefly with my favorite playwright, Megan Terry, and I even ran my own company for a couple of years. Eventually I got tired of losing money, and beating my head against a wall, and I gave up writing. I tried to focus on "the real world." I founded an internet radio station that featured odd, unusual, forgotten and bizarre music, as well as new independent artists. I won awards. I even found a bit of an audience during the month of October each year with an annual Halloween marathon.

Then one fateful evening I ordered a book a friend from an online horror forum had written and everything came rushing back. I should be doing this. Why WASN'T I doing this? Soon after, I enrolled in his writing workshop and the floodgates were opened. My writing was better than it had ever been. I regret the decades I spent not writing. I would be so much farther along now. I'm trying to make up for lost time!

I write what is refered to these days as "speculative fiction." It's a catch-all term for anything weird- science fiction, horror, fantasy, and several other related sub-genres. Check my writing out, and let me know what you think!